Join us on Saturday, August 24th at the Central Blyth Family Hub for a day full of family-friendly LGBTQIA+ fun! *This event is free to attend and is suitable for those of all ages*


Working with the Central Blyth Family Hub, Pride Action North want to bring Pride back to Northumberland with a fresh twist! LGBTQIA+ people are underrepresented in Northumberland, and many young members of the community find themselves feeling alone. With the support of our young people who attend our Blyth LGBTQIA+ Youth Group, we want to provide a safe space for young members of the community to come together and celebrate themselves; while also learning about the different paths they can take in the future.  

The gathering of many different organisations that deliver many different services for young people will provide a stall for everyone, no matter what their interests. Whether you want to gather freebies from every stall or sit and enjoy the good vibes, there is room for you all! 

Guests include, but are not limited to:  

  • Mortal Fools  
  • Multiple Mr Gay Great Britain 2024 finalists 
  • Papyrus  
  • Face Painter  
  • CM Studios  

And many, many more!  

This event is free to attend, so don’t worry about having to buy tickets in advance! 

Just show up on the day and have fun!  


Have any questions about the event? No problem! Just shoot an email to and they will get back to you ASAP.  



Do you think you have something you could bring to the delivery of our event? Let us know with the following contact details:  

Any musical contributions, please contact Scarlet at 

Any stall or activity contributions, please contact Nicola at  


You can also e-mail us with any questions you may have about the event, whether you are an attendee or running a stall!