Building a Thriving Community: The Unique Experience of Supporting LGBTQIA+ people at Pride Action North

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of LGBTQIA+ people?

Pride Action North (PAN) invites you to be a part of our exciting journey as we continue supporting and championing our communities across the North of England. Working at PAN is not just a job; it’s an opportunity to contribute to a holistic and inclusive community where everyone can thrive.

“At the heart of Pride Action North, we find a community-driven spirit that fuels our commitment to empower lives and champion inclusivity. Working here is not just a job; it’s a shared journey towards creating a space where everyone can thrive. – Angela Brudenell, Charity Manager, Pride Action North

Our Mission and Values: A Guiding Force

At PAN, our mission is clear:

“to create a holistic and inclusive community where everyone can thrive. We are committed to raising awareness through education and collaboration, empowering individuals to achieve their full potential.”

These values—Acceptance, Advocate, and Working Together—shape our organisational culture and guide our actions.

PAN’s recently unveiled Three-Year Strategic Plan (2024–2027) is a roadmap for our future, designed to strengthen our position as a leading champion for the LGBTQIA+ community.

As a PAN team member, your work will directly contribute to the strategic priorities outlined in the plan, which include organisational capacity strengthening, enhanced inclusivity, robust partnerships, LGBTQIA+ empowerment, effective communication, and vibrant engagement.

Why Work at Pride Action North?

  • Your role at PAN will directly impact the lives of LGBTQIA+ people, addressing critical issues such as isolation, mental health, hate crime, and more.
  • PAN is committed to creating an inclusive and accepting work environment. We value diversity and actively work to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.
  • As part of our team, you’ll have opportunities for professional development, training, and skill enhancement. We encourage a culture of continuous learning.
  • Working at PAN means being part of a collaborative community. We believe in the strength of working together to bring about positive change.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Worker Role: A Vital Position

As we expand our services to meet the evolving needs of the LGBTQIA+ community, we are actively seeking a Mental Health and Wellbeing Worker. This role is pivotal in supporting LGBTQIA+ children and young people, contributing to the objectives outlined in our strategic plan. The Mental Health and Wellbeing Worker will be responsible for developing, delivering, and supporting various mental health and wellbeing support groups and interventions, ensuring that they receive the necessary support.

“Being a Trustee at Pride Action North is not just about governance; it’s about crafting a narrative of acceptance, advocacy, and unity. Together, we shape a future where everyone, regardless of their identity, finds solace, support, and strength within our vibrant LGBTQIA+ community.” – Erica Rothwell, Trustee, Pride Action North

How to Apply: Join the Pride Action North Team

If you are passionate about mental health, LGBTQIA+ issues, and making a positive impact, we invite you to apply for the Mental Health and Wellbeing Worker role at Pride Action North. Visit to find out more.

If you’re interested in other roles with PAN, keep an eye on our career’s page in 2024, as we plan to recruit into other roles.