Pride Action North provides LGBTQIA+ insights to Electoral Assessment Mission in North Northumberland

Pride Action North, a leading LGBTQIA+ non-profit in Northumberland, made contributions to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association British Islands and Mediterranean Region (CPA BIMR) Election Assessment Mission for the 2024 UK General Election. The mission’s focused on several constituencies across the UK, including the North Northumberland constituency, following boundary review changes. Pride Action North representatives provided insights into the barriers faced by LGBTQIA+ people in exercising their democratic rights to voting during elections.

Pride Action North are a key stakeholder in our region and raised key issues such as accessibility challenges, a lack of awareness about voting options, barriers to voting and the restrictions voter ID place on members of our communities. Stakeholder engagement is crucial for shaping the recommendations of the CPA BIMR mission, ensuring future elections are inclusive and accessible which particularly affect those that disproportionately affect minority groups.

About CPA UK

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK (CPA UK) is a registered charity promoting parliamentary democracy throughout the Commonwealth. Acting as the secretariat for CPA BIMR, it organises training programmes, shares best practices, and conducts election observation missions to enhance democratic processes. For more details on their work and the 2024 election assessment mission, visit the CPA UK’s official website. You can read the mission’s initial findings at uk-eam-preliminary-statement-final.pdf (

📷 [L-R Angela Brudenell- Charity Manager, Darren Irvine-Duffy- Board Member, Hilary Jeune – States of Jersey Independent Observer, Stephen Corpe- Board Member]